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Please do draw on a bord what you would see as the future of Cloud

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Made a nice drawing

All fine, till numbers. The reaction was: we understand that salary X is coming with BizDev but we do not see the function as sales, we see BizDev like a support to sales. :)

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Go over the resume. Then just be yourself as a Bus Dev - "how to sell our services to a global company, you're visiting their branch in one of the countries, they outsource their EHS regulatory compliance to different companies". "Why have you left your former employer?" "Flexible or fix working hours?" "Are you sure you can do this job taking into account your family situation?" - this question is totally illegal in Belgium but was asked none the less on multiple occassions through out the recruitment process.

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why the carreer switch from a tech company to an HR company - valid question

Maak een sales plan - hoe zou je TenForce verkoop aanpakken?

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Please sell us Doctoranytime

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Do you understand and agree that the company will not provide you with a company car?

what would you do if you were facing issue XYZ? (case study type of questions)

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