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On a demandé à un Power BI Developer...15 juillet 2020

What work have you done? work related and experience related

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Dod they communicate to yoy about the offer or not then?

No I have followed up many times. They are not answering call... I just asked 5% more than what they were offering... Moins

How much increment did they offer?

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Polestar Solutions & Services India

There is a table named GEO, having state and city as it's attribute! Write a query to select the state having multiple cities in it?

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Solved it! select state from geo group by state where count(*) > 1;

select state from employee group by state having count(cityname)1

select state from employee group by state having count(cityname)1


What is your profession? Where did you worked? Do you know SQL solution for this ... problem? Are you familiar with databases like ORA, Postgres, etc...?

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Cite your CV, and show up SQL statements or procedure for the problem.

Can you please tell me what kind of sql statements were they

SCAN Health Plan

Tell me about a recent project.

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I went into detail about a complicated project I had recently completed.

I hear you. They drag on forever for no results. Just wasting time & not reliable starting from HR to their mgr. No reply no response No results. Don't care attitudes. Moins

Polestar Solutions & Services India

Puzzle: A coin is in one of the inverted bags. First bag says 'Coin is in third bag', second says: 'There is no coin here' and third says: 'There is no coin here'. Considering one statement is true while two are false, where is the coin?

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I answered second bag. But, he said it was wrong.

coin is in first bag as: put first statement false i.e. coin is not in third in third bag put third statement true i.e. coin is not in third bag so it's concluded by two statements that coin is not in third bag. now put the second statement true which says coin is not here i.e. coin is not in 2 or 3 bag Moins

SCAN Health Plan

How to remove duplicate records

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Use CTE.

or to clarify duplicates into a staging table when you are taking a subset of all the fields and you know what specific fields you are after, INSERT INTO > (>) SELECT > FROM (>) GROUP BY > having count(*)>1 and to add only those that are not duplicates INSERT INTO > (>) SELECT > FROM >) T GROUP BY > having count(*)=1 Moins

Cognizant Technology Solutions

How much is your salary.

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$45 per hour


CCS Global Tech

What's the types of joints?How to create a table?

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Inner join outer join (left join right join) self join full join; CREATE TABLE statement Moins


Python and SQL Questions

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Not so difficult Python and SQL questions, working with strings and a database schema Moins

Hi Can you please tell more about the interview ?


how is Data transported?

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Data can be transport by help of get data

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