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I was asked a brain teaser at the end of the interview: you have a cube of 10*10*10 little cubes. How many cubes are left after you remove all the cubes on the edge.

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8*8*8 = 512

First, remove the 8 corner cubes, since each corner cube is common for 3 edges. 8 removed Next, remove the cubes on the 12 edges. With the corners removed, each edge will have 8 cubes 12 * 8 = 96 removed Total number of cubes = 10*10*10 = 1000 Number of cubes removed = 8 + 96 = 104 Number of cubes remaining = 1000 - 104 = 896

1) roads construction company in Island. How to reduce its costs? More like a HR question. 2) Mine industry, what would be the profit-maximizing value of iron production? It was a video conference interview. The case was based on a graph that had not printed and so needed to describe it to me so that I could draw it. Very difficult case.

Why do you want to work at ING? Basically, nothing really challenging in terms of questions

Expliquer votre rôle et comportement lorsque vous avez rejoint une équipe existante

Do you see yourself as a passive researcher, someone who just observes, or do you think researchers should take more of an active role?

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