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Are you afraid of long hours of hard-work or do you dedicate yourself until the job is done?

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Can’t sleep until completing a task.

Se présenter à l'entretien préparé :

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Test sur la motivation, pourquoi le recrutement?

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Test sur la personnalité du postulant

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why Besix ?, what will be your first 3 months actions ? Do u think you will fit with our Culture ...?

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I was asked a brain teaser at the end of the interview: you have a cube of 10*10*10 little cubes. How many cubes are left after you remove all the cubes on the edge.

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1) roads construction company in Island. How to reduce its costs? More like a HR question. 2) Mine industry, what would be the profit-maximizing value of iron production? It was a video conference interview. The case was based on a graph that had not printed and so needed to describe it to me so that I could draw it. Very difficult case.

Do you see yourself as a passive researcher, someone who just observes, or do you think researchers should take more of an active role?

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