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Strata Retail and Technology Services
On a demandé à un Assistant Manager- Sales and Marketing...29 juin 2012

Reaction if the company terminated for no reason

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Not interested to display here

Balmer Lawrie & Company

Your profile/Your experience/Why you had opted for this company and position/Whether you are flexible/What did you understand about the profile

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if they taken interview how much time required for results and further process. kindly tell me Moins

comfortable as it is more generic and experienced based

if they taken interview how much time required for results and further process. kindly tell me Moins

The Phoenix Mills

Why you left your last organization? Where did you study?

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Tried being positive to question, however, sometimes the organization is worst but you can't bring that in an interview the actual reason of leaving organisation. Moins

Due to lockdown I lost my job

I study in Mumbai

Conagra Brands

about yourself

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normal walk the resume/ about yourself

I am Kumar, I am living in ERODE, I have done MBM(BANK MANAGEMENT)in marketing & Banking, I have more than 22years experience in sales & marketing, I have my wife and children in ERODE Moins

Dear sir/madam, My name is Kumar , I am living in ERODE (Tamil Nadu, India), I have done MBM (Bank management) in marketing & Banking, I have more than 22 year experience in sales & marketing , I have my wife and 3 children in ERODE (Tamil Nadu, India) Moins


Q : Pourquoi avez vous choisi cette image ?

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Une image superbe qui montre ce qu'est l'entreprise

Par ce que l'oréal est une grande marque

Elite Media Communications

Would I be willing to start out as a barely paid sales person and hope I can work my way up their company ladder?

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But that isn't the job I applied for. If you want sales people, why not advertise for that? Moins



Tell me about a decision that you have made that you regretted. What would you do differently now if you face that situation again?

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i need want many money in us dollar...d i can do part time in internet...

Mammoth Marketing

Why should we hire you instead of all the other applicants

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Please don't hire me

Great Minds

Tell us about your background.

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I went through my resume.

If they ask for some sample work, do not do it. They get your work for free and twist a few things and use it. Moins

Bajaj Finance

do you have ability to work

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Will you please explain ur Interview in detail


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