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Procter & Gamble
On a demandé à un Assistant Brand Manager...19 septembre 2012

The 'what would you do in the case of brand X in the market Y with this specific issue'. It is the classic question that the recruiter has in mind related to his job. The point is not to get it right but to share the thinking process so the recruiter can see how the person thinks

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but' work's pleas

bot buy brand X in market y

will in that case,i would do the right thing to not get harm the health of the people,because we priorities health of the consumers. That would be a shame to the market if that product would not be out of the market............. Moins

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Emami Limited

Why Calcutta?

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I like Kolkata

Because it is my own town

Its a trap. Most Horrible and de growing city for clipping your wings.


What do you think of the current brand, Ufone

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It is headed fora disaster


Yes I will us ufone

Procter & Gamble

Tell me about a time when you successfully lead a team. What is leadership for you? What makes a good leader?

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leadership to me is to be the face value of the team. Managing the team to work togethere and obtain the goal or task of the team.. Leadership is not about domonating others . Moins

a leader is not only the one who is leading the team, but one who enjoys the confidence of his team mates. * leadership skills * motivater *diplomatic *multitasker Moins

English Biscuit Manufacturers

CV based cross questioning

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Procter & Gamble

Tell me about yourself.

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My name is Erick Sandoya, I am 32 years old and I am Panamanian. By means of this letter I want to confirm my intention to be part of your teamwork to increase and keep the potential levels of your company and my professional development within the social and cultural standards of the Republic of Panama. Moins

Hi friend, Is the interview with the panel entirely in Spanish, or English and Spanish? Thanks, Moins


Tell me about a leadership decision you recently had to make.

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seorang pemimpin bisa dikatakan kejam dan bisa dikatakan baik. tergantung permasalahan yang dihadapinya,permasalahan hanya bisa diputuskan dengan mempertimbangkan dari segala aspek. seorang pemimpin yang bijak sangat lah sulit, tidak sembarangan memberikan keputusan???harus mampu melihat keputusan tersebut apakah akan menambah masalah ataukah akan terselesaikan dalam kurun waktu tertentu. kebanyakan di era sekarang,banyak keputusan yang selalu merugikan di salah satu pihak/kelompok.pemimpin juga banyak jenisnya,,,pemimpin perang,pemimpin masyarakat,pimpinan perusahaan dan sebagainya..pastitah semua itu mempunyai karakter tersendiri,, Moins

Procter & Gamble

Would you tell on a friend that made a mistake at the office?

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Your post was really helpful thanks. It’s been a year but i was wondering if i can ask some questions about the process Moins

Nestlé Purina U.S.

The followups for each behavioral was tough. Also she asked me to introduce myself in the reverse chronological manner. That was the first for me.

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Chris is name my. That is the answer a silly question like that deserves

Overall a good company to work for- GOOD work life balance and people. And pets are allowed in the campus... Moins

Procter & Gamble

Please describe a situation when you were asked to do something but then later on the direction was changed, how did you deal with that.

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My answer wasn't good because I didn't fully understand the intention of that question, hopefully someone else can help answering them Moins

this was for knowing the person's respone to a sudden change of plan due to various factors and how did he addapt himself to suddden changed situtation and still manage to fullfill the goal or task. Moins

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