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Kappa Publishing
On a demandé à un In-House Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator...8 novembre 2019


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I told them my expectation was at least $40K. I don't know if they could have afforded that but they didn't pick me anyway. My rejection letter was more about their concerns of me being able to "fit in" with the company while they praised my professional experience. It took over a month for them to send the rejection letter. Moins

Kappa Publishing

They asked me about background in publishing and illustration. They told me about their process and properties as well.

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I was honest and told them and showed them all the comics and books I produced at my previous companies. Moins

Touchten Games

Are you willing to relocate?

Robert Half

What are your strengths? What can I do to help you achieve your goals? What type of work environment are you best suited for? Where would you like to work/live?

Select Staffing

They had no idea what to ask because they didn't understand what their client needed.

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