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Questions d'entretiens - Analyste


Questions d'entretien de Analyste partagées par les candidats

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Why ING and not BNP Paribas?

1 réponse

Focus on ING Values that are matching yours.

How would you solve a conflict with a peer?

1 réponse

How many buildings are there in Etterbeek (Brussels)? How much does an Airbus 320 weigh?

1 réponse

why finance

1 réponse

1. What would you describe as a challenge when working in aligning customers to a sls territory in EU vs MEA? 2. How can you make sure that telesales are not working on big customers? 3. Why is your analysis (ranking) showing a strange result for x position?

1 réponse

How well do you know Excel?

1 réponse

Nothing way too difficult just know something about the job you applying to.

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