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Waarom koos je voor Deloitte

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Ik had hierbij het beste gevoel.

This is one of the worst companies i have ever seen. reason - They only think about money - most of the employees work more than 10 hours every day. - The more they grow in deloitte they need to spend more hours for office work and less for family hence most of the Sr. Managers and directors, they are divorced. - The more butter your boss the more you can grow in the company, good work does not count.

How well do you know Excel?

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Savez-vous faire des régression linéaires avec Excel ?

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- During the second interview I had 2 tests to do. First was a kind of MBTI and the second one I had to solve a marketing procedure. - The questions only concerned the professional life

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Online test was of medium difficulty.The questions are not copied from internet buut prepared by internal technical team. you can only clear if you have some knowledge of technology

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Quel sont vos prétentions salariales

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How many gas stations are they in Poland

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typical various case study questions

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Pourquoi choisir la consultance ?

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solve a business case; background, studies, interests

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