Questions d'entretien

Entretien de Emerging Leaders Program: Operations and Technology

-Tampa, FL


On-campus interviews: - Tell me about a time you failed either personally or professionally. - Tell me about a time when you had to change your approach to make something more efficient. - Tell me about an initiative you started or a time you took charge. - Tell me about a time you challenged a process. Team challenge: - We were emailed two articles to look over relating to TV ratings and the importance of panels before the invitational. You were broken into teams of people in your track (for me, Operations) and given a challenge to come up with solutions for how to make Nielsen's "TV family" data more reliable and high-quality while not increasing company costs. I had a great team. We came up with multiple solutions during about an hour period and then presented on them to Nielsen leaders. It was casual. Leadership Interview: - This was not what I expected. It was entirely behavioral and seemed very redundant, almost like they were testing your endurance or ability to answer very similar questions with different examples. The questions all started with "Tell me about a time when..." and varied slightly. I did not have the best experience with this interview because candidates were all being interviewed in the same big room, separated by curtains, and I was next to a very loud guy. I could barely hear myself think with him next to me, so that threw me off. That same concern was voiced by multiple candidates. Case study interview: - Two days before the invitational, we were emailed a case study of a program that Nielsen uses for internal Operations that digitizes and standardizes work activities across the world. It's a pretty dense packet that described the features and functions of this program. The interview was mainly to ask what you'd change about the program and what challenges you think the developers ran into while they created it. There were no truly technical questions. Just hypothetical situations that required you to dip into technical knowledge and pose solutions.


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