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GodSpeed Games
On a demandé à un 2D Game Artist...28 janvier 2019

How do I draw a character for the 3d stage

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I drew a character turnaround on the spot

I drew a charecter turnaround on the spot

Rainbow Shops

Perché ti stai proponendo alla nostra azienda?

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Perché vorrei iniziare a fare esperienza

DreamWorks Animation

They showed me some examples of what they were looking for and asked if I could do it.

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He asks about if you know about the works of the company

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He acts like you should be a fan of the work they produce.


Why do you think you are qualified for this position?

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I worked in a similar style for a very long time. I’ve learned to match game style perfectly - and I also did some games for Softgames, so I know the requirements. My technology stack is solid and I have a huge experience working with feedback - both taking and giving. Moins

Goodgame Studios

The Art test.

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You have to work for a few days.


About my experiences, strengths, and motivation.

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I talk about my career from the very start, what I felt was my stronger skills and why I wanted to work with the company Moins


Would you be willing to move to Toronto?

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Yes, the job is in Toronto.


Do you like dogs?

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I like animals period.

Kolibri Games

Why did you apply to the job?

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The company seems to focus a lot on self-development and being really passionate about their games, which is something I really appreciate when looking for a company to work at. Moins

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