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  1. "FOS Adjudicator"

    Employé actuel - Adjudicator à Londres, Angleterre

    Je travaille chez Financial Ombudsman Service à temps plein depuis moins d'un an


    Flexible, good to help people, generally interesting


    Weekly targets. Pressure to hit them.

    Financial Ombudsman Service2019-06-03
  1. Utile (32)

    "Time for the Phoenix to combust...."

    Employé actuel - Ombudsman Manager 

    Je travaille chez Financial Ombudsman Service à temps plein


    There are a huge amount of positive things about working at FOS. I've chosen to stay for the culture; the people; the variety of work; the job satisfaction; the challenges; the work/life balance, and so on. But my review today is with the sole purpose of highlighting one huge con.


    Phoenix. Phoenix, the new operating system that has been years in the making, is simply ruining any enjoyment anyone (who works live cases) had for their job. It was delayed repeatedly because it wasn't fit for purpose. And I just don't think it's fit for purpose now. Taking aside those that have been tasked with Phoenix propaganda, you'd be hard pushed to find someone who thinks their working life has been improved...


    Conseils à la direction

    Just in case it wasn't clear from what I've said above, bring back Clipper. It wasn't perfect but we all found our own ways to use it. Don't take my word for it.. put it to a vote.

    Financial Ombudsman Service2019-08-04
  2. Utile (20)

    "started to go downhill"

    Ancien employé - Team Manager 

    J'ai travaillé chez Financial Ombudsman Service à temps plein plus de 3 ans


    was a highly respected organisation which prided itself an being experts in individual fields of financial services. was balanced and fair in it approach


    started to shift away from principles to be more focused on quantity instead of quality. organisation change not managed well. lack of communication. promotions for those within limited experience of senior management roles and jobs all round for the 'old boys'

    Financial Ombudsman Service2019-07-18

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